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Mushroom extracts & diabetes

25 March 2015

The purpose of this study, conducted on 88 healthy volunteers and 14 patients with type 2 diabetes, was to analyse the...

Eating frequency and body weight

24 March 2015

The purpose of this study, which focused on 2,696 subjects aged 40 to 59, was to analyse the association between the...

Evolution of eating habits

23 March 2015

The purpose of this review was to analyse the evolution of eating habits around the world between 1990 and 2010. For...

Taste is key

18 March 2015

Despite prevention campaigns and alerts on the obesity epidemic, many consumers continue to eat unhealthy...

Lutein, zeaxanthin and vision

17 March 2015

The purpose of this study, which focused on 115 healthy subjects, was to measure the impact on vision of a...

Plant-based diet and cardiovascular risk among obese children

11 March 2015

The purpose of this study, which involved 28 obese children aged 9-18 years with high cholesterol, was to compare the...

SUVIMAX: long-term impact

09 March 2015

The objective of this study was to estimate the long-term impact of daily supplementation with nutritional doses of...

FOOD4GUT: prebiotics against obesity

04 March 2015

For several years, obesity and related conditions have been subjected to special attention in public health. Intestinal...

Methods of protection from gloeosporioses in organic production

03 March 2015

The gloeosporioses (called Neofabraea alba in our regions) are the major fungal diseases, which occur in the...

Issues in production without residue

02 March 2015

In the fight against parasites, diseases and weeds, modern fruit producers use selective pesticides and respectful...

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