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Gut microbiome and blood lipids

02 October 2015

The purpose of this study, based on 893 subjects, was to analyse the role of gut microbiota on blood lipid levels. The...

Improving food safety among vegetables

30 September 2015

A new laboratory has just been created in Ghana - the Vegetables Innovation Laboratory - It aims to develop the...

Ingredients in question

29 September 2015

A new study, conducted by TNS for GNT Group, on consumer behaviour shows that, anywhere in the world, consumers are...

VITAMIN C in fruit and vegetables

28 September 2015

People tend to think that, nowadays, fruit and vegetables contain less vitamin C than before, due to intensive...

The efficacy of the Mediterranean diet

23 September 2015

The Mediterranean diet is rich in olive oil, fish, whole grains, fruit and vegetables and nuts. Many studies, including...

5-colour nutrition label

22 September 2015

Public health authorities in France are currently examining the opportunity of introducing a comprehensive and...

Fruit and vegetables program

21 September 2015

Fruit and vegetables are an important part of our diet, yet few individuals consume the recommended amounts....

Spirulina nutritional performance

16 September 2015

Because of its functionality, the spirulina, blue-green algae, is now considered as a health food. The world of medical...

Vitamin D supplementation

15 September 2015

Vitamin D deficiency is common in the general population and even more frequent in patients with chronic diseases. The...

Fruit, vegetables and cancer risk

14 September 2015

High intakes of fruit and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers reviewed the relationship between...

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