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The influence of maternal infant feeding practices and beliefs on the expression of food neophobia in toddlers.

20 August 2014

Food neophobia is characterised by the rejection of any new or unknown food, which reduces dietary diversity, in...

Higher antioxidant and lower cadmium concentrations and lower incidence of pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses

19 August 2014

While consumers believe that organic products have a higher nutritional density than conventional products, the...

Increased diversity of food in the first year of life may help protect against allergies

18 August 2014

European researchers have studied the dietary diversity practices of parents in Austria, Finland, France, Germany and...

The discovery of genes that influence food choice

13 August 2014

Italian researchers have identified the genes that control the perception of 17 types of food - Artichokes, Gorgonzola,...

Within-Family Obesity Associations

12 August 2014

A parent-child correlation in BMI has been identified, a little stronger with the mother than the father. The...

Children consuming a Mediterranean Diet are 15% less likely to be overweight

11 August 2014

This study was conducted in 8 European countries (Sweden, Germany, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Belgium, Estonia and Hungary)...

Food and beverage cues in UK and Irish children—television programming

06 August 2014

This new British study highlights the indices effect in the children's television programmes that would entice them to...

Climate change: what possible implications for food safety?

05 August 2014

It is now accepted that human activity plays a significant role in climate change, with measurable impact on the...

MyNewGut Project

04 August 2014

Microbiome properties demonstrated or discussed are very promising for metabolic health issues. The need to invest more...

CHANCE project presents foods and strategies to enhance nutritional health for people on a low budget

30 July 2014

The latest results of the European research project CHANCE were unveiled. This program explores the possibility of...

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