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Taste perception

03 February 2016

The body of certain fish, covered with taste buds very similar to those of our tongue, leads us to interpret the origin...

Waters and bone health

02 February 2016

Bone is constantly remodelled by two types of cells with opposite and complementary action, osteoblasts and...

Microbiota and satiety

01 February 2016

Researchers at INSERM and Rouen University have discovered that, 20 minutes after the ingestion of a meal, E. coli...

Pollution and safety in the gardens of Paris

27 January 2016

The return of horticultural production in French cities is accompanied by a growing concern about the health quality of...

Food and Health

26 January 2016

The study, which surveyed 1,189 students from the University of Tuku Finland, analysed the relationship between eating...

Dietary risk with Food pictures

25 January 2016

This study shows the impact of junk food images on individuals according to our habits and food knowledge. The idea...

Overweight and heart failure

20 January 2016

Being overweight or obese increases by 1.5 and twice respectively the risk of sudden cardiac death over the following...

Minerals and waters

19 January 2016

In France, observational studies underline that daily intakes for calcium and magnesium are often lower than...

Quiet please !

18 January 2016

This study analysed the impact of external noise on food consumption and behaviour of different members of a family...

Stress and consumption

13 January 2016

The purpose of this study was to analyse the impact of certain words and certain stress conditions on diet. 29...

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