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Long-term consequences of early nutrition

03 August 2015

There is increasing evidence that early life environment has an impact on adult health. The early adiposity rebound...

Severe obesity in specialised centers

29 July 2015

Specialised Centres of obesity (CSO) and Integrated Centres of Obesity (IOC) have been recognised in the context of the...

Salt and health

29 July 2015

Numerous studies have shown that the level of sodium intake was significantly and positively associated with blood...

Vegan diet and weight loss

29 July 2015

This meta-analysis was conducted on 12 randomized trials on 1,151 people who followed different diets, over periods...

Biosimilar insulins

28 July 2015

Insulin and analogs, issued from biotechnology, should be affected by the production of biosmilars. These drugs diverge...

Sleep & carbohydrates metabolism

27 July 2015

This review highlights the importance of sleep quality & lasting on health and the possible link between too short...

Diet and psychological disorders

22 July 2015

The role of diet in cardiology, endocrinology and gastroenterology is well known in the scientific community. In this...

Importance of diet in children

21 July 2015

Feeding in children and adolescents is a crucial issue for the future adult whether in terms of growth or cognitive...

The importance of nutrition labelling

20 July 2015

The purpose of this study was to measure the impact of nutrition labelling on pre-packaged food consumption. The...

Learning to like vegetables

16 July 2015

The aim of this European study was to measure the impact of the repeated introduction of vegetables in infant feeding...

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