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An iron diet ?

19 May 2010

An American group of researchers studied for the first time the possible link between obesity and iron deficiency....

How to prevent colorectal cancer ?

12 May 2010

Many studies showed that a high intake of red and processed meats and of highly refined grains, starches and sugars was...

How can dairy products help you to control your weight ?

12 May 2010

Many studies observe that a high consumption of dairy products is linked with a decrease in the rate of obesity. It...

Is appetite programmed before birth?

12 May 2010

A recent study revealed that there was a straight relationship between what a 10 year-old child eats and what his...

Reducing the glycaemic index of your diet does really allow to lose weight?

05 May 2010

Studies have stressed an effect of diet glycaemic index on appetite regulation. However, other longer-term studies...

First results about the effective nutritional quality of our food.

05 May 2010

The Observatory of the quality of food, created by agriculture, health and consumption departments, has just revealed...

Apple peel extract against cancer.

05 May 2010

Lots of studies showed a relationship between a high apple intake and a reduction in the risk of cancer. The aim of a...

Omega-3 are good for mood !

30 April 2010

Many epidemiological studies show a link between omega-3 fatty acid consumption (mainly found in fatty fish) and a...

The controversy about low calorie sweetened products is back !

30 April 2010

A recent American study questioned the theory saying that the consumption of low calorie sweetened drinks would cause...

Grape to avoid the damage of an excess of fructose

30 April 2010

A study revealed the preventive effect of grape seed extract against insuline resistance and oxidative stress in rats...

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