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Fruit and Vegetable Intake Among Adolescents and Adults in the United States: Percentage Meeting Individualized Recommendations.

26 April 2009

Fruit and vegetable intake is an important part of a healthy diet and is associated with numerous positive health...

Blood folate levels: the latest NHANES results.

26 April 2009

 Data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys. Very large increases in blood folate levels of...

Dietic Advice & cardiovascular risk in Healthy Postmenopausal Women.

11 April 2009

The current dietary guidelines advise an increase in carbohydrate intake. However, there is concern regarding the...

Pass the Fruits and Vegetables! A Community-University-Industry Partnership Promotes Weight Loss in African American Women.

10 April 2009

The authors describe a community-university-industry partnership to alleviate food insecurity while promoting weight...

Parental occupation, family affluence and adolescent health behaviour in 28 countries.

08 April 2009

This study explored the association between socioeconomic position and different aspects of adolescent health behavior...

Segmentation of overweight Americans and opportunities for social marketing.

28 March 2009

The food industry uses market segmentation to target products toward specific groups of consumers with similar...

Schools and obesity prevention: creating school environments and policies to promote healthy eating and physical activity.

27 March 2009

More children are overweight today than at any other time in U.S. history. Research shows that the majority of...

Anthocyans from fruits and vegetables--does bright colour signal cancer chemopreventive activity?

25 March 2009

Consumption of fruits and berries has been associated with decreased risk of developing cancer. The most abundant...

Asparagus P(R) cannot compete with first-line diuretics in lowering the blood pressure in treatment-requiring antihypertensives.

25 March 2009

163 patients receiving maximally tolerable doses of Asparagus P((R)), a proprietary mixture pulversied dried asparagus...

Plasma carotenoids, retinol and tocopherol levels and the risk of ovarian cancer.

21 March 2009

 The authors investigated the relation between plasma carotenoids, retinol and tocopherol levels and ovarian...

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