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Determinants of nutrition knowledge in young and middle-aged Belgian women and the association with their dietary behaviour

11 June 2009

This study wants to determine the links between nutrition knowledge and dietary behaviour.   A total of 803...

Lycopene, an antioxidant carotenoid, attenuates testicular injury caused by ischemia/reperfusion in rats.

08 June 2009

Testicular torsion is an oxidative stress caused by an ischemia/reperfusion (IR) that can caused infertility. This...

Dietary intake of polyphenols, nitrate and nitrite and gastric cancer risk in Mexico City.

05 June 2009

Some N-Nitroso compounds (NOC) are potential human carcinogens. The main source of them is endogenous formation, a...

Daily intake of green and yellow vegetables is effective for maintaining bone mass in young women.

04 June 2009

Nowadays, there are more and more underweight young women. They often meet problems of lowing bone mass....

Fruit and vegetable intakes and subsequent changes in body weight in European populations: results from the project on Diet, Obesity, and Genes (DiOGenes).

03 June 2009

A high consumption of fruits and vegetables are often recommended to people who are looking for lowing weight and more...

Formulation and Physicochemical and Sensorial Evaluation of Biscuit-Type Cookies Supplemented with Fruit Powders.

03 June 2009

Cashew apple and guava residues from fruit industry are used as dehydrated fruit powders instead of classical wheat...

Does NO metabolism play a role in the effects of vegetables in health? Nitric oxide formation via the reduction of nitrites and nitrates.

03 June 2009

Recently, the beneficial effects of vegetables on nitric oxide production have been revealed, thanks to the nitrates...

Social and economic characteristics associated with fruit and vegetable consumption in 3 to 17 year old children in France ENNS

27 May 2009

The french epidemiologic bulletin published this study which aim is to identify social and economic...

Dietary patterns in infancy and cognitive and neuropsychological function in childhood.

20 May 2009

Whether dietary composition influences young children's cognition in developed countries is unclear. Although many...

Vegetable but not fruit intake during pregnancy is associated with newborn anthropometric measures.

20 May 2009

 The consumption of fruit and vegetables during pregnancy has been analysed and anthropometric measures have been...

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