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A Randomized Clinical Trial Evaluating Online Interventions to Improve Fruit and Vegetable Consumption.

07 January 2010

This study aimes to assess change in fruit and vegetable intake in a population-based sample, comparing an online...

A Worksite Obesity Intervention: Results From a Group-Randomized Trial

07 January 2010

This study used a participatory process to develop an obesity intervention appropriate for elementary school...

Dietary habits in three Central and Eastern European countries: the HAPIEE study.

05 January 2010

The high cardiovascular mortality in Eastern Europe has often been attributed to poor diet, but individual-level data...

A Randomized Trial of Tailoring and Motivational Interviewing to Promote Fruit and Vegetable Consumption for Cancer Prevention and Control

02 January 2010

Healthful dietary patterns, including eating fruits and vegetables (F&V) and avoiding obesity, may decrease the...

Telephone Intervention Promoting Weight-Related Health Behaviors

02 January 2010

Recent national surveys have documented that the majority of adults in the United States do not meet the recommended...

The factors affecting pregnancy outcomes in the second trimester pregnant women

01 January 2010

The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors affecting birth weight and gestational age and to provide...

Antioxidant status, oxidative stress, and damage in elite trained kayakers and canoeists and sedentary controls

01 January 2010

Intense physical activity is known to generate reactive oxygen species to a point that can lead to oxidative stress....

Estimation of Antioxidant Intakes from Diet and Supplements in U.S. Adults.

01 January 2010

The importance of antioxidants in reducing risks of chronic diseases has been well established; however, antioxidant...

Evidence-based Principles of Bladder Cancer and Diet

01 January 2010

Bladder cancer presents a substantial challenge to public health. Dietary factors influence the risk of bladder cancer...

Plasma levels of copper, manganese and selenium in an adult population in southern Spain: Influence of age, obesity and lifestyle factors

31 December 2009

This study tries to assess factors influencing copper, manganese and selenium plasma levels in an adult Mediterranean...

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