All supported projects by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation

A Fleur de Pierre (Stone Flower), Digne les Bains

The vegetable garden in your plate: nothing to throw away

The Association, Stone Flower, in Digne les Bains provides and animates four shared gardens.

Solidarity Dom Tom Herault, Montpellier

Learning to process and preserve fruits and vegetables, an anti-waste gesture

The project is aimed at recipients of the social grocery: Solidarity Dom Tom. It is culinary workshops and information sessions on the processing and storage of fruits and vegetables.

Filodrammatica Association FOR.T.E, Lerici


As part of the project "STILL (A) LIFE", the Filodrammatica association located in Lerici, Italy, organises awareness-raising workshops aimed at adolescents aged 11 to 14 years through theatre activities.

Società Umanitaria

Feeding the Planet in your Kitchen

As part of the project "Feeding the Planet in your Kitchen", the Umanitaria association, based in Milan, Italy, offer to pupils of primary / college and their teacher some workshops on health, nutrition, and on how to fight against food waste.

The Beausoleil Municipal Social Welfare Centre

Fight against waste by culinary, agricultural and artistic workshops

The Social Welfacre Centre of Beausoleil develops an awareness programme on how to fight food waste, aimed at the disadvantaged people. The project combines the social solidarity garden and grocery of the community.