"Amène ta Fraise" (Bring your Strawberry)

"Amène ta Fraise" (Bring your Strawberry)

23 March 2012

The Amène ta Fraise project run by the Ruffec District Social & Cultural Centre (Centre Social et Culturel du Ruffécois) proposes a range of activities aimed at changing the dietary habits of disadvantaged groups by helping them grown their own fruit and vegetables. In 2011, garden plots were adapted for the “square-foot gardening” method to create a genuinely educational experience. Signs were created to help school pupils familiarise themselves with the various vegetable crops. Once a week, pupils from the CLIS (educational integration class) have been involved in all stages of setting up this kitchen garden.

The centre also runs educational cookery classes. These classes provide an opportunity to learn more about the principles of healthy eating, which does not necessarily mean spending more on your food.

This project is supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and was launched following a summer 2011 call for projects.

photo copyright  : © auremar - Fotolia.com/ Louis Bonduelle Foundation