" Growing and cooking one's own vegetables!"

" Growing and cooking one's own vegetables!"

03 February 2012

Planting, growing and harvesting vegetables can be learned at any age! In February 2011, the Résidence Notre Dame des Campagnes nursing home began a project to promote vegetable consumption and change the dietary habits of its residents.

Indeed, to fight against malnutrition among senior citizens, they must be made aware of the need to eat more vegetables so that they can maintain good health as they age. To accomplish this, the nursing home sought to involve its residents in the process, from planting the vegetables to enjoying them after harvest. So a vegetable garden was started and the residents were also able to help prepare balanced meals during cooking workshops.  

The implementation of the project began with discussions about seed choices and soil preparations, which enabled some retired farmers to reconnect with their agricultural past. In the spring it was time to sow the seeds and regularly tend to the soil.
In September, a big meal was prepared with the vegetables harvested to showcase the participants' involvement in the project.

This initiative was funded by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation as part of its summer 2010 call for projects.