Meals on wheels with “La Popote roulante”

Meals on wheels with “La Popote roulante”

15 December 2011

“La Popote roulante” is a meals-on-wheels service that delivers hot meals to the homes of elderly, sick or disabled people, run by Sercovie in Quebec. An average 400 meals per day, and nearly 100,000 each year, are prepared and delivered by volunteers whose average age is 68.


Thanks to a grant from the Louis Bonduelle Foundation following its call for projects in the summer of 2010, the association has managed to make its beneficiaries aware of the importance of vegetables in their diet, and of the variety of fresh and frozen products available on the market.


They got the chance, for instance, to taste vegetables they didn’t know, or that are financially inaccessible. They also received the Popote newspaper with tips, recipes and health information on the vegetables that were used.

This year, Sercovie received another grant enabling them to include low-sugar desserts in the Popote menu. The idea is to show the importance of fruit in a healthy diet. Making special menus and desserts is also a way of increasing awareness among the volunteers who help to prepare the meals that will be delivered.

Sercovie is a community organisation that was founded in Quebec in 1973, with the aim of helping the elderly and people with reduced autonomy to continue living at home. Various activities have been initiated to this end: choirs, trips, arts and crafts, as well as hot meals delivered at home with “la Popote roulante”.