Louis Bonduelle Foundation Resources

Providing information, raising awareness, supporting research and taking action in the field

Ongoing training and education

The Foundation provides everyone (the general public, educators, health professionals, journalists) with access to the most comprehensive information currently available on vegetables, often previously unpublished, in a simple, practical format:

  • monographs and a science watch programme for health professionals
  • instructional kits and games for teachers and families
  • descriptions of vegetables, recipes, helpful advices and much more 



A programme of support for research

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation provides tangible and financial support for research through:

  • The Louis Bonduelle Research Prize, which annually recognizes students conducting research in the field of nutrition or dietary practices. >>View the presentation of the Louis Bonduelle Research Prize
  • The ECOG/Louis Bonduelle Prize, which offers support for initiatives aimed at preventing childhood obesity. >>View the presentation of the ECOG/Louis Bonduelle Prize
  • The Heart and Arteries Foundation, jointly established by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, which develops programmes for research on the prevention of cardiovascular disease. >>Go to the Heart and Arteries Foundation website

Helpful actions in the field with measurable results

Since 2005, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has been conducting activities in the community targeted to groups in which vegetable consumption is a concern. These activities are in line with the specific guidelines that call for an evaluation of their effectiveness, which is made public, and call for support from recognized, independent experts .

Learn about our activities

Support for local initiatives

Since 2007, via two calls for projects per year, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has been providing financial help worldwide . The Foundation lends backing to organizations that are developping initiatives to improve dietary practices in target populations.

Learn about the Louis Bonduelle Foundation's calls for projects

Random tip

Celery salt is a combination of ground celery seeds and salt, used as a seasoning. It is not suitable for salt-free diets.