The five commitments of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation:

Inform and raise awareness

The Foundation produces and disseminates information designed to help change the public's perception of vegetables and improve daily behaviours. This information is available to all in an interactive format on this Internet site.

Support research

The Foundation encourages scientific research (medical, nutritional, sociological and agronomic) in order to obtain a better understanding of the vegetables and better evaluate their effects on our health.

Take action in the field

The Foundation carries out practical initiatives consistent with the current dietary trends, designed to make vegetables more appealing to as many people as possible.

Emphasize independence

The Foundation activities are based on the use of expert knowledge of renowned independent scientists.

Be responsible

The Foundation undertakes regular surveys on dietary practice changes and assesses the effectiveness of the actions taken. 

Random tip

Tinned red kidney beans do not cause flatulence, because of their long cooking time. It can be a problem with beans you have cooked yourself unless you take the precaution of changing the water at the start of cooking and make sure you cook them for long enough.