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Neighbourhood walkability & health

28 June 2016

The aim of this study was to analyse whether the fact of living in a walkable urban neighbourhood had any influence on...

Adolescents and autonomy

27 June 2016

This study, initiated in September 2013, is to assess the benefits of food education of college students (from 5 to 3...

Anorexia and hormones

22 June 2016

Thinness is a rare condition including very different groups of phenotypes, both physiological and pathological. Those...

Giving the natural values in food

21 June 2016

The paper reacts to an article recently published by Denis Lorient in the Cahiers. The main purpose is to discuss his...

Children’s diets

20 June 2016

Chronic undernutrition in Ethiopia is widespread and many children consume highly monotonous diets. To improve feeding...

Access to fruit and vegetable in urban communities

15 June 2016

Studies on neighbourhood food environments have focused on the access to supermarkets as measured by store...

Promoting Healthy Nutrition

14 June 2016

The objective is to evaluate the efficacy of an in-language intervention of 2 lectures and printed materials versus...

Plant proteins

13 June 2016

The Western-style food systems and their extent around the world are not sustainable. The experts’ proposal for the...

Regular or low-fat?

10 June 2016

To fight against the obesity epidemic, health organisations have encouraged the development of low-fat products. But,...

Interindividual variability

08 June 2016

Before providing personalised nutritional recommendations for prevention of chronic human diseases, it is necessary to...

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