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Allergenicity of sweet-tasting proteins

09 November 2015

Plant proteins with sweet-tasting properties are increasingly used as substitutes for low-calorie sweeteners in the...

Nordic Diet and Diabetes

05 November 2015

The aim of this study was to investigate the possible link between the Nordic diet, which is characterised by 6 major...

Cannabis–fruit and vegetable syndrome

04 November 2015

In a large number of cases, particularly adolescents and adults, allergies to fruit and vegetables result from...

Lipids and obesity

03 November 2015

Gustation is a dynamic system capable of rapid physiological adaptations in response to on-going environmental changes...

Commercial weight-loss diets: A critical review

02 November 2015

Many popular and commercial weight-loss diets promise an easy and fast weight loss. Most of them – low or very low...

Pilot program of actions for sensitising the public on malnutrition

28 October 2015

Malnutrition and frailty are frequent public health problems, in particular in elderly people. The French Ministry for...

Microbiota as iron regulator

27 October 2015

Iron is a vital element, which the body can not live without. Its regulation and the control of its assimilation by the...

Sugar content in Baby food

26 October 2015

Fruit and vegetables are widely highlighted in baby food. This study seeks to highlight the amount and types of fruit...

EducAlim endeared vegetables to children

21 October 2015

Conducted by LESMA Audencia laboratory in Nantes, the research program Educalim seeks to change the eating behaviour of...

Galacto-oligosaccharides as appetite suppressant

20 October 2015

Fibre intake was associated with a reduction in appetite and energy intake, but there are few studies concerning the...

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