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Vitamin D supplementation

15 September 2015

Vitamin D deficiency is common in the general population and even more frequent in patients with chronic diseases. The...

Fruit, vegetables and cancer risk

14 September 2015

High intakes of fruit and vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer. Researchers reviewed the relationship between...

Lipids and obesity

09 September 2015

The gustation is a dynamic system able to rapid physiological adaptations in response to the on-going environmental...

Fruit & vegetables, vitamin C & heart health

08 September 2015

Prospective studies have shown a positive association between high consumption of fruit and vegetables or a high...

Annual savings with Mediterranean diet

07 September 2015

The purpose of this study was to analyse the annual savings in health spending attributed to the Mediterranean...

Consumption of fruit & vegetables in Germany

02 September 2015

This study analysed data from the survey KIGGS (Germany), in order to determine the average consumption of fruit and...

Sharing meals is healthier

01 September 2015

The purpose of this study, which surveyed 38,690 Japanese men and 43,674 Japanese women over 65 years, was to analyse...

Early obesity prevention

31 August 2015

The choice of a healthier lifestyle plays an important role in the prevention of many chronic diseases and especially...

Fruit and vegetables and cognition

26 August 2015

The purpose of this study was to investigate the possible link between the consumption of fruit and vegetables and...

The impact of advertising on children

25 August 2015

In July 2012, WHO published a report proposing recommendations on the marketing of food and non-alcoholic beverages to...

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