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Food diversification worldwide

21 April 2015

Diversification in children’s food is an important step in their life and their family. It can raise questions...

Lipid transfer proteins & allergies

20 April 2015

Lipid transfer proteins, present in many plants, may be responsible for severe food allergies. The origin of the...

Implementing Mediterranean diet

15 April 2015

The Mediterranean diet is not limited to South of France. The Mediterranean food is incredibly diverse, based on fresh...

Peaches and nectarines consumer preferences

14 April 2015

To ensure that the varieties of peaches/nectarines sold on markets meet the expectations of consumers, it is necessary...

Healthy Eating for conceiving children

13 April 2015

To ensure posterity, it is necessary to ... eat well. During the Benjamin Delessert Nutrition Institute Day (January...

Antioxidants in diet and death

09 April 2015

Excessive oxidative stress is a major risk factor for diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cancer. Researchers...

Development of fruit and vegetables products for seniors

08 April 2015

Coordinated by INRA Avignon, the European project OPTIFEL "Optimised Food Products for Elderly Populations"...

Dietary recommendations for high consumers of free sugars?

07 April 2015

The purpose of this study is to identify, in people who consume too much free sugars, the change in diet necessary in...

Promoting Plant-based Diets

01 April 2015

2 articles focus on the benefits and challenges of consuming plant-based diets. Phillips et al. have identified...

Antioxidant benefits of the Goji berry

31 March 2015

The term "superfruits" now refers to a set of fruit whose nutrient contents and / or phytochemicals...

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