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Sweet flavour and sweeteners

07 June 2016

The sense of taste with the sense of smell is one of the most important senses involved in perception of food....

Sport and physical activity in children and adolescents

06 June 2016

To preserve the health of youth in the age group 5-17 years, WHO recommends physical activity levels of accumulating at...

Early impact of a fatty and sweet diet on olfactory perception

01 June 2016

Smell is a primordial sense in guiding the choice of food. Some diabetic patients show impaired olfactory capabilities....

Overweight prevention in children

31 May 2016

Recent WHO predictions in obesity suggest that by 2030 the prevalence of overweight and obesity will almost double in...

Breakfast is the foundation of a balanced diet all day

30 May 2016

Perception of the body in adolescents is an important element which can induce complex and bad eating habits, not only...

Nutritional knowledge level

25 May 2016

This study looked at the level of nutritional knowledge held by the Canadian population and especially the recommended...

Children and vegetables

24 May 2016

Increasing the consumption of vegetables among children remains a major nutritional challenge. Previous studies have...

The impact of environment on food

23 May 2016

The aim of this Australian study was to analyse the impact of the direct environment (portion size, plate size,...

Influence of taste on food consumption

18 May 2016

What impact does taste have in food choices and what is its impact on eating behaviour? These are the questions, which...

Obesity in Canadian adolescents

17 May 2016

This Canadian study explores the relationship between relative poverty and certain risk factors for obesity. The...

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