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Minerals and waters

19 January 2016

In France, observational studies underline that daily intakes for calcium and magnesium are often lower than...

Quiet please !

18 January 2016

This study analysed the impact of external noise on food consumption and behaviour of different members of a family...

Stress and consumption

13 January 2016

The purpose of this study was to analyse the impact of certain words and certain stress conditions on diet. 29...

Natural mineral waters: specificities?

12 January 2016

European Public Authorities strictly regulate the exploitation and profiles of drinking waters: requirements vary...

Self-reported intake and nutritional status

11 January 2016

Researchers want to validate the correlation between the intake of fruit, vegetables and fish, and blood biomarkers:...

Development of nutritional recommendations

06 January 2016

In Italy, as in most parts of the world, 30% of children and 50% of adults are overweight. Current surveys show that...

Diet: The water part

05 January 2016

Kidney plays a key role in maintaining body homeostasis, by adapting outflux to influx to inputs to ensure a null...

Dietary training for suppliers

04 January 2016

In 2010, to solve the problems of obesity in Mexico, the government issued he “Acuerdo Nacional para la Salud...

Skipping breakfast & BMI

30 December 2015

The relationship between skipping breakfast and child BMI has been widely studied. This new study aims to understand...

Hyperimmunoglobulinemia D syndrome

29 December 2015

Mevalonic aciduria and hyperimmunoglobulin D syndrome (HIDS) are both clinical expressions of mevalonate kinase...

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