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Social Jet lag & obesity

11 February 2015

Social jet lag here refers to differences in sleep habits between working days and days off and thus irregular...

Impact of nutritional labelling

10 February 2015

This study analysed the impact of four different nutritional labellings on consumer food choices. The results indicate...

Play before eating

09 February 2015

The purpose of this study, which focused on seven elementary schools, was to assess the impact of children's pause...

Mediterranean diet and life expectancy

04 February 2015

Shorter telomeres are associated with a reduction in life expectancy and an increased risk of developing chronic...

Supermarket size and obesity prevalence

02 February 2015

Supermarkets offer options to purchase healthy food at affordable prices while supporting the promotion of products...

Cooking at home & better diet

28 January 2015

This study sought to investigate the impact of home-cooked dinners on the health of eaters. For this, consumption...

Improving postpartum glucose

27 January 2015

To evaluate a mobilization campaign, the IMPACT initiative, which included multidisciplinary meetings, provision of...

Diet choice for postmenopausal women

27 January 2015

This thesis conducted by Nadine Poirier seeks to show the decisional needs of postmenopausal women with abdominal...

Pre Teens, nutrition education vectors

26 January 2015

This thesis conducted by Aurélie Maurice seeks to show how children appropriate a food education project that takes...

Taste & health factors on choice speed

21 January 2015

Food choices are influenced by attributes like tastiness or healthfulness. The purpose of this study was to measure...

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