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Issues in production without residue

02 March 2015

In the fight against parasites, diseases and weeds, modern fruit producers use selective pesticides and respectful...

Masticatory efficiency and health of elderly

25 February 2015

Among seniors, the loss of teeth and chewing difficulties may result in reduced quality of diet and weight loss. In an...

Perception of Nutritional Risk by the consumer

24 February 2015

Nutritional behaviour in people is a priority for the government. Indeed, associated diseases are the leading cause of...

Difficulties in placing a logo on shelves

23 February 2015

The introduction of a synthetic nutritional information system is envisaged to positively direct food purchases. For a...

Fruit juice and Children’s healthy diet

20 February 2015

In 2013, French children (3-14 years) consumed an average of 83.4 ml of fruit and vegetable juices (F&V J) per day,...

Nutritional vascular prevention

18 February 2015

Diet is a modifiable risk factor for atherosclerosis. A short questionnaire of 14 items assessing vascular risk diet...

Scurvy, an old disease still here

17 February 2015

Scurvy is the result of secondary clinical dietary deficiencies in vitamin C, found in fruit and vegetables. It is...

Whole grains and life expectancy

16 February 2015

This study was conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health on 74,341 women and 43,744 men, with no cardiovascular...

Social Jet lag & obesity

11 February 2015

Social jet lag here refers to differences in sleep habits between working days and days off and thus irregular...

Impact of nutritional labelling

10 February 2015

This study analysed the impact of four different nutritional labellings on consumer food choices. The results indicate...

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