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Importance of diet on CVD

17 May 2016

The decrease in the risk of heart attacks in Northern Sweden over the past 20 years was more because of better eating...

Broccoli and liver cancer

16 May 2016

The protective effects of broccoli consumption of certain cancers, has been widely demonstrated, but the link between...

I am too fat!

11 May 2016

The perception of the body in adolescence, both in girls and boys, leads to bad eating habits. This is the conclusion...

Sleep and nutrition

10 May 2016

The objective of this study is to observe on a large population, the relationship between sleep, weight and nutrition....

Nutritional use of social media - children and adolescents

09 May 2016

Unhealthy eating habits and excess weight were associated with sedentary behavior, especially screen time among...

DOhaD and epigenetic information

04 May 2016

The concept of the developmental origins of health and disease (DOHaD) alters our understanding of what constitutes...

The Wellness program developed in Quebec

03 May 2016

Patients with severe psychiatric disorders such as psychosis, bipolar disorder, and depression have a greater risk of...

Diet and depression

02 May 2016

Although studies on the subject have not given conclusive results, there is some evidence on the link between...

Diet and adiposity

27 April 2016

The purpose of this study which surveyed 5,079 individuals (mean age 61 years, 47% men), was to analyse the association...

Vitamin D and sun

26 April 2016

Current epidemiology of vitamin D insufficiency is a reflection of a health catastrophe. Globally, the deficit relates...

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