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Salad bar

14 March 2016

The purpose of this study, which involved 533 students from six different schools, was to measure the impact of the...

Healthy = less filling

09 March 2016

The purpose of this study was to reinforce the hypothesis that consumers tend to overconsume 'healthy' products because...

Healthier dinners for a better sleep

08 March 2016

Si de nombreuses études ont montré l’impact d’un mauvais sommeil sur les prises alimentaires, peu d’études ont été...

Online courses

07 March 2016

The purpose of this study which involved 7,422 participants from 80 countries (mainly women with children at home) was...

What price health?

02 March 2016

The purpose of this study, which surveyed 2,181 Spaniards aged 25 to 74 years, was to measure the impact of the change...

Prise en charge de l’obésité

01 March 2016

L’obésité est reconnue par l’Organisation Mondiale de la Santé comme une maladie depuis 1997. Cette étape a permis la...

Marketing and alimentary behaviour

29 February 2016

Food marketing is accused of being one the leading causes of the increased obesity rates. Yet, its exact role on eating...

Gut microbiota and nutrition

24 February 2016

For 20 years, obesity has not only been seen as a simple modification of the energy balance even if the changes in...

Organic agriculture and well-being

23 February 2016

Through a case study of a producer association of organic fruit and vegetables in the Loire Valley Region of France...

Which food for whom?

22 February 2016

From lack of food to food excess, there are numerous different forms of malnutrition, caused by many determining...

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