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Food order & diabetes

24 August 2015

This study involved 11 subjects (6 women and 5 men) who were overweight or obese with type 2 diabetes. Its purpose was...

Way too much information

18 August 2015

In its fight against the obesity epidemic, the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) proposes to help consumers to...

Food energy supply & obesity

18 August 2015

This WHO study, which covered 69 countries (24 with high incomes, 27 with middle incomes and 18 with low incomes),...

Obesity prevalence in the US

17 August 2015

This new study, which focused on a sample of 15,208 people aged over 25 years and representative of the US population,...

Fatty acids and health

11 August 2015

The purpose of this study conducted on 2,193 Swedish women and 2039 Swedish men aged 60 years old, was to analyse the...

Anthropology,medicine and public health

10 August 2015

Recent advances in medicine and anthropology raise questions about the relationships and mutual contributions of these...

Metabolic inflammation in the development of insulin resistance

04 August 2015

Insulin resistance is characterised by a progressive increase in insulinemia due to impaired insulin signalling in key...

Long-term consequences of early nutrition

03 August 2015

There is increasing evidence that early life environment has an impact on adult health. The early adiposity rebound...

Severe obesity in specialised centers

29 July 2015

Specialised Centres of obesity (CSO) and Integrated Centres of Obesity (IOC) have been recognised in the context of the...

Salt and health

29 July 2015

Numerous studies have shown that the level of sodium intake was significantly and positively associated with blood...

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