You taste what you see: Do organic labels bias taste perceptions?

03 juin 2013

The purpose of this study was to measure the influence of organic labels on the nutritional quality and the taste of products. 150 subjects were recruited in a mall. They were asked to test 3 types of products : crisps, yogurt and cookies.

Each time, products were offered in pairs: one labelled organic and the other conventional (in fact, the two products were identical and organic).

The subjects found the organic cookies and yoghurts less calorific and less fatty than conventional ones. Organic crisps were considered more palatable and organic yogurt tastier than conventional. In contrast, conventional cookies were judged better than organic ones.

By analyzing the consumption habits of the participants, the researchers were able to conclude that the participants who used to read nutrition labels, consume organic products and were more concerned about the environment, were less influenced by the presence of an organic label.

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