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Enhancing children’s vegetable consumption using vegetable-promoting picture books. The impact of interactive shared reading and character–product congruence

13 October 2014

This study attempts to show the influence of picture books on the consumption of carrots on children. For this, 104...

How odours can have influence on us

08 October 2014

The public health messages "eat 5 fruit and vegetables a day...", "Do not eat too much fat,  sugar...

Fruit over sunbed: Carotenoid skin coloration is found more attractive than melanin coloration

07 October 2014

This study is based on the fact that having a tanned face makes us more attractive. This colouration of the face may...

Global assessment of select phytonutrient intakes by level of fruit and vegetable consumption

06 October 2014

This study analysed the consumption of fruit and vegetables and its impact on the consumption of phytonutrients in 13...

Promoting consumption of fruit and vegetables for better health. Have campaigns delivered on the goals?

01 October 2014

Despite various promotional campaigns, which has been established for years, the consumption of fruit and vegetables in...

Effects of Environmental Intervention in Workplace Cafeterias on Vegetable Consumption by Male Workers

29 September 2014

The aim of this study, involving 349 Japanese employees aged 20 to 59 years, was to...

Fruits and Vegetables Displace, But Do Not Decrease, Total Energy in School Lunches

24 September 2014

The prevalence of overweight and obesity remains a concern among U.S. children. Consumption of fruit and vegetables,...

The association between optimal lifestyle-related health behaviors and employee productivity

23 September 2014

The purpose of this study, which involved 18,079 people was to analyse the possible link between healthy lifestyles,...

A Review of Dietary Influences on Cardiovascular Health: Part 2: Dietary Patterns.

22 September 2014

Diet plays a vital role in the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease (CVD). Most studies on this topic...

Healthier side dishes at restaurants: an analysis of children's perspectives, menu content, and energy impacts.

17 September 2014

The purpose of this study, which focused on 1,178 children aged 8 to 18, was to analyse the impact of the side dishes...

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