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Parents' food choice motives and their associations with children's food preferences.

14 July 2014

The objective of the study conducted in two Australian cities was to investigate parents' motivation for selecting food...

Circadian Clocks and Feeding Time Regulate the Oscillations and Levels of Hepatic Triglycerides

09 July 2014

The circadian clock and mealtimes play a major role in orchestrating the daily physiology, and disrupting them can...

First harvest from gas firm’s aquaponics CSI venture

08 July 2014

High school students "Carel de Wet Technical High School" in Vanderbijlpark (South Africa), come with the...

Green revolution required to tackle Greenhouse Gas emissions from food production

07 July 2014

A new released Scientific Statement published by the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) and developed in collaboration with its...

Impact of the FITKids Physical Activity Intervention on Adiposity in Prepubertal Children

02 July 2014

The aim of the study is to investigate the effect of a 9-month physical activity intervention on cardiorespiratory...

Weight Labeling and Obesity: A Longitudinal Study of Girls Aged 10 to 19 Years

01 July 2014

Stigmatisation may discourage any "anti-obesity" effort says this California study (UCLA). The study involved...

Sicurezza alimentare e anziani: lo studio Kitchen Life

30 June 2014

La UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) ha commissionato all’università di Hertfordshire uno studio che investigasse cosa...

Aumento di frutta, verdure e consumo di acqua in un campo estivo: i risultati triennali della sfida al pranzo al sacco sano

25 June 2014

Questo studio presenta i risultati della Healthy Lunchbox Challenge (HLC), che si è svolta in alcuni campi estivi...

Cereal, fruit and vegetable fibre intake and the risk of the metabolic syndrome: a prospective study in the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study

24 June 2014

The purpose of this study, which followed 1,582 Iranians aged 19-84 years (from the Tehran Lipid and Glucose Study) for...

I benefici degli interventi di informazione basati sulle abitudini: uno studio randomizzato controllato sul consumo di frutta e verdure

23 June 2014

Lo scopo di questo studio, che si è concentrato su 71 giovani adulti, era di analizzare l’efficacia di differenti tipi...

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