Eat less to stay young ?

06 febbraio 2012

Caloric restriction retards the aging brain and prevent neurodegeneration, but the mechanisms are still unknown. The CREB gene activated by caloric restriction, influence "functional age" of the brain. This is the second study showing that eating fewer calories can delay aging: Swedish researchers have identified an enzyme, peroxiredoxin, stimulated by the restriction of sugar and protein. By activating the gene CREB1, scientists hope to prolong the youth of the brain.

Energy metabolism and restriction of nutrients, are potentially relevant to brain aging, accelerated by overeating and diabetes.

By restricting food, it enhances cognitive performance and memory. In addition, it also reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease or at least reduces the symptoms of the disease.

Salvatore Fuscoa, Cristian Ripolib, Maria Vittoria Poddab, Sofia Chiatamone Ranieria,1, Lucia Leoneb, Gabriele Toiettac, Michael W. McBurneyd, Günther Schütze, Antonella Ricciof, Claudio Grassib, Tommaso Galeottia, and Giovambattista Pania,

PNAS 2011 ; published ahead of print December 21, 2011

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