Videos to promote food education in school daycares

Fiber-Fibres alimentaires: leurs rôles et les meilleures sources

As part of the project Ensemble, pour des contextes de repas plus conviviaux (in French—Eating together for more enjoyable mealtimes), the Association québécoise de la garde scolaire (AQGS) [Québec school daycare association] has created, in collaboration with Extenso nutritionists, a series of videos to encourage healthy lunch and snack eating habits at school.

Intended for educators, teachers and parents alike, these video clips present numerous aspects of food education to foster children’s overall well-being and learning process.

The following resource can be found on the AQGS website: Des vidéos pour comprendre et favoriser la saine alimentation (in French—Videos to understand and promote healthy eating). In a playful and inviting tone, the clips effectively address four mealtime issues at school by providing sound advice:

  • Valuing learning
  • Eating one’s full
  • Meeting one’s needs
  • Setting an example.

For quick access on a specific theme, viewers can screen one of the 12 video clips on a particular point from among the longer videos, including appetite, satiety or fullness, developing taste, lunch, snacks, variety, etc.