Choosing a Plot for Your Garden

Plot orientation

Consider the amount of sun (e.g. for tomatoes, eggplants, or bell peppers) or shade (e.g. for celery or leeks) available, depending on the plants you have selected.


A slightly sloped plot is always better than a flat plot. It should be able to drain naturally.

Mineral salt content

Soil should ideally contain around 20 different mineral salts (sulfur, iron, manganese, magnesium, chlorine, sodium, copper, zinc, boron and molybdenum, cobalt, etc.). Don’t hesitate to have a soil analysis done for your garden; it will help you know how to make up for anything the soil lacks by adding, for example:

  • ground limestone if it is too acidic
  • manure and peat (often sufficient for improving soil, including for artichoke crops)

In the My Vegetable Garden section, you will find more information about growing plants from different families, organized by vegetable.