The sourires d’enfants association

2015 - Province of Khammouane - Laos

This project aims to introduce new vegetables to 300 children, ages three to six. The goal is to promote a varied diet and make sure children eat a daily balanced meal. It will be carried out as part of an assistance program for disadvantaged children in rural areas of southern Laos.

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The Village pilote

2016 - Dakar - Senegal

Over the last twenty years, Village Pilote has developed a comprehensive program for reintegrating street children into society. With a focus on local vegetables, the project will involve cooking activities and the establishment of a farming training program. The activities will be focused on discovering the taste of foods to enrich children’s sensory vocabulary.

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The Ka’fête ô mômes project

2015 - Lyon - France

This project aims to change the way 120 children, ages six to eleven, relate to vegetables. Ka’fête Ô Mômes is an initiative run by parent volunteers who offer various activities in a familial café, an alternative to lunch at school and extracurricular activities. Their new challenge is to raise awareness among children about the diversity of vegetables, from garden to table, through activities including the creation of a cookbook.

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The Terre en Mains project

2015 - Montreal, Quebec - Canada

The Terre en Mains project aims to provide over 2000 children, ages three to thirteen, with the chance to discover environmentally friendly vegetable-growing methods, to learn about the diversity and benefits of vegetables, and to learn to cook them. The young people who visit the farm will participate in various farming activities (sowing, harvesting, composting, and more), and then will prepare their own salads in culinary workshops.

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Project of École libres de recherche scientifiques pour enfants

2015 - Trieste and Nice - Italy and France

Through this project, 660 children, ages eight to fourteen, will get to know the diversity and variety of plant-based diets. Through a game, miming, and questions, children will learn about a varied and balanced diet and the importance of eating legumes, fruits, and vegetables. The game also promotes green values for a better relationship between humans, animals, and the environment.

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Whole Food

2017 - São Paulo - Brazil

Special classes for cooks of the social institutions served by the Mesa Brasil Program to encourage the reduction of food waste through the use of bark, leaf stalks, seeds,… as a strategy to reduce costs and promote health.

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Vegetable garden of Montecarmelo Rus in Urbe

2017 - Madrid - Spain

A vegetable garden in the city that employs 25 visually impaired children, promotes the discovery of horticulture, raises awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and creates a social bond with the inhabitants.

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Food balance at school canteen

2017 - Iby Village, Sangha - Mali

Creation of a canteen to distribute 600 meals a day and train the children (from 6 to 15 years old) of Iby school to gardening, food balance and taste during 9 years of schooling. Vegetable dehydration workshops (shallots, cabbage, chicory).

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Canned Together

2017 - Bayonne - France

Disadvantaged people make canned vegetables, from the surplus of the Food Bank of Bayonne. These workshops, which limit food wastage, allow them to develop their culinary know-how and to leave with food stock.

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World Cultures Farm

2017 - Saint-Denis - France

Takeover of a gardening farm near the city of Paris, to propose a new local food system and a new popular dynamic, with for leitmotif: Nature, Culture, Food.

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Blosne Neighborhood Farm

2017 - Rennes - France

Creation of a farm in the heart of the city of Rennes to develop local supply, short circuits, reducing waste and awareness of inhabitants.

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2008 - Project run by the Foundation

The Foundation partners with the Secours Populaire Français organization for the Ronde des Légumes project, in which Foundation nutritionists train Secours Populaire volunteers to organize fun and educational workshops on the necessity of eating vegetables.


2012 - Project run by the Foundation

This Louis Bonduelle Foundation project helps seniors bring vegetables back into their lives through culinary workshops and an “art-nature” workshop in collaboration with MARPA centers for the elderly in rural areas of France.

The ‘ORTO IN CONDOTTA’ project

2009 - Project run by the Foundation

Since food neophobia is fairly common in children, including around vegetables, the Orto in Condotta project provides a way of reassuring them by explaining the principles of a balanced diet and where food comes from.


2006 - Project run by the Foundation

Operation Légumes 2000 has helped students make behavior changes around vegetables using tools specifically adapted to the task and a relaxed tone.

Our most recent call for proposals

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation issues calls for proposals every year.

In 2017, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation launched a call for projects called “Vegetables for everyone: an alternative approach to production and supply“. The 90 projects studied mainly focus on two themes: firstly gardens, with urban farms, urban gardens and community vegetable gardens, and secondly the battle against food waste.
Among these projects, 17 were particularly outstanding and have received financial support from the Foundation. These projects are based countries including Spain, Brazil, Mali and France.

You can participate too!

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