In the field

The projects we have supported

It is difficult to list all the projects supported by the Foundation since 2004. This is why we have provided a selection of the most recent projects in France and abroad. We would like to particularly congratulate all the actors in the field, whether they have or have not received awards from the Foundation, for their extraordinary commitment.

Recipes to promote legumes

2019 - Eculy, France

Institut Paul Bocuse Research Centre

Reduce meat portions in restaurants in favour of legumes, without compromising on satisfaction and taste. The LEGU+ project focused on the co-development of innovative recipes that take into account the motivation and constraints of both chefs and consumers.

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Taste workshops for children

2019 - Dijon, France

Centre for Taste and Feeding Behaviour

The EduSensoNet project was developed around a taste education programme with “taste workshops” for children. This sensory approach to plant-based foods relies on the familiarisation effect and is designed to develop the curiosity of schoolchildren.

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Promoting the consumption of vegetables among the elderly

2019 - Barcelona, Spain

Food Observatory at the University of Barcelona

Improve the eating habits of the elderly in a healthy and sustainable way in order to improve their quality of life through dialogue and participation.

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Culinary workshops led by top chefs

2021 - France

La Tablée des Chefs

To fight against food inequalities by teaching young people from disadvantaged backgrounds and their families, about cooking, taste, nutrition and the culinary profession.

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A culinary festival for handicapped children

2020 - Russia

League of Dreams

Organise a culinary festival around healthy and balanced food, and to encourage healthy and plant-based food, as well as physical activity through competitions among a population of young disabled people in 37 regions of the country

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An urban farm with an educational vocation

2021 - Quebec, Canada

Les Urbainsculteurs

Produce fresh vegetables in the city to feed people who need them most – this is the goal of Louise Basin Gardens, an urban vegetable farm with a social and educational vocation, located in the Old Port of Quebec.

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Healthy meals at home during the pandemic

2021 - Toronto, Canada


Provide vegetarian lunch boxes to cook at home for 700 children aged 6-12, in order to address the underlying problem of food insecurity during the pandemic.

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Over 200 projects supported

Since 2004, more than 500,000 people have benefited from our funding activities in nearly 20 countries! It is an effective, resilient and much appreciated support system, but one that has now moved on.

Indeed, in 2019, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s call for projects marked a first shift towards support for participatory research. Our objective? To build connections, and to contribute to the funding of international projects. How? By improving the positive impact of plant-based food in the process of moving towards sustainable eating habits through the involvement of the academic research community and citizens.

What is the benefit of a participatory funding programme for the Foundation?

In 2021, the scope of our actions has evolved to be better aligned with the needs of communities, thanks to a partnership with Ulule. This participatory incubator builds partnerships with companies that take concrete action to achieve a positive social impact, and connects them with enthusiastic voluntary organisations.