20 years of commitment

Created in 2004 by Christophe Bonduelle, President of the Bonduelle Group, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has always had sustainable food, in all its dynamics, as its purpose. Since its inception, the Foundation has wanted to go beyond the general statement of intent. And this by informing populations, developing scientific knowledge and encouraging its application in the field.

His actions have, moreover, always been imbued with credibility. Indeed, since its beginnings, the Foundation has based its action on the expertise of recognized scientists and is committed to demonstrating responsibility by measuring the impact of actions carried out on the evolution of dietary practices or lifestyles. and their effectiveness.

For this reason, we are particularly proud of our record since 2004:

  • 210 projects encouraged and financially supported
  • More than 500,000 beneficiaries of our field actions
  • 2.4 million visitors from all countries in 2020 on our website, translated into 8 languages
  • The Foundation is considered credible by 94% of health professionals, according to a study conducted in 2014

But our work does not stop there. On the contrary, driven by a context that has changed considerably in 2021, it is strengthening and taking on new life, clarifying our action.

Our role within our territories

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation acts in an international framework, providing concrete means for everyone to introduce vegetarian diet into their daily lives, in a useful, realistic, original and, of course, sustainable way.

Present and active today internationally, our role is to allow everyone to have the keys to transform their eating behavior in a sustainable way, through plant-based food accessible in all its forms, available and culturally acceptable.

Our strategy aims to:

  • To have a significant impact on accelerating the food transition.
  • To promote and support and accompany actors who promote access to plants and who are committed to the food transition.
  • To engage young adults and families in this direction, particularly in precarious situations, without forgetting all employees of the Bonduelle group