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What drive us

1. Scientific Research

This now takes on another dimension, because it serves the effectiveness of our actions. To do this, we develop programs and academic partnerships that improve the evaluation of the effectiveness of these actions and their impact.

Our partnership with the Anca Chair, an AgroParisTech chair, aims to develop knowledge around dietary behaviors and the impact of field actions.

2. Communication in the service of actions

Our objective is to transform each speech into a catalyst for the transformation of eating behaviors. Since 2021, we have been committing our communication efforts to accelerate, in a more impactful way, the food transition, in particular by providing information on all subjects linked to accessibility to plant-based food.

This educational approach takes shape in particular on social networks, but also on our website, the content and organization of which have been redesigned. In 2022, the site recorded traffic of more than 1,130,000 visitors, more than a quarter of whom are aged 18 to 34, which corresponds to the Foundation’s target.

3.  Partnerships and calls for projects 

Since its inception, the Foundation has supported concrete field actions carried out by local actors, which aim to support consumers towards sustainable eating behaviors.

Since 2021, to go further and act as close as possible to the needs of communities, the Foundation has partnered with Ulule to organize a series of 4 calls for projects in favor of better accessibility to plant-based food on the European continents. and American. This partnership, renewed each year between the Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Ulule, is part of a logic of action and societal impact.

Our expertise

In order to encourage changes in dietary behavior that will help people live healthier lives, we seek to understand the major challenges of a more sustainable plant-based diet around the world.

From social inequality to education, research support, awareness and action, we listen and learn so we can identify the pressing issues that get too little attention.

Then we look at whether we can make a meaningful difference with our influence and support, whether that’s a grant or a partnership.