Vegetables Fill You Up!


Contrary to popular belief, vegetables fill you up, too! Their varied nutritional content, and their fiber content in particular, provides an explanation.

The double vegetable effect

Are you reluctant to add vegetables to the menu because you think they won’t fill you up? Don’t worry—in fact, they will help you feel full. Satiety requires a certain volume to be present in the stomach and several biological parameters in place in order to last. You can eat vegetables until you are sated, without any particular recommended grams limit, as there is for meat, fats, and cheeses. Vegetables take up space in the stomach, providing a very pleasant sensation of fullness and satisfaction. Furthermore, the fiber they provide helps regulate nutrient absorption. This makes you feel full longer. It’s the double vegetable effect!

Prepare vegetables to your taste

  • with a punch (curry or garlic),
  • with self-indulgence (butter or olive oil),
  • with refinement (au gratin or in a soufflé)
  • or with love (roasted or in a puree).

You’ll feel full… and full of good health for a long time!

Do you want to know more about vegetable-eating habits in France? See the presentation on the subject at the 2010 Louis Bonduelle Conference (link english)