The 'Brigade des Compotes' against food waste!


The French association Active, through the Brigade des compotes, introduces volunteers to private individuals who donate fruit from their orchards to tackle food waste. The project involves harvesting fruit to be redistributed to the most disadvantaged through the charity networks of the Saône et Loire.

The chief goals of the Brigade des compotes are: avoid wasting fruit, combat food insecurity, increase local fruit consumption for all, increase opportunities for dialogue and solidarity between inhabitants.

The 2013 season was jam-packed with anti-waste operations! Two tonnes of fruit were saved from the bin and were gladly received by the charities through the redistribution of the food bank.

This volume was reached thanks to the membership of new donors to the action and also to SAPAM, the fruit and vegetable wholesaler.

This project was funded as part of the call for projects of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation in summer 2013.

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