Food Waste: Cooking with Scraps with La Soupe aux Cailloux

Food waste-gaspillage alimentaire-soupe-cailloux

The association La Soupe aux Cailloux (Stone Soup) was founded in 2010 to lead awareness-raising initiatives around responsible food consumption through cooking with children.

Food waste: you can waste less while cooking!

Supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation during the summer 2013 call for proposals related to food waste, La Soupe aux Cailloux developed cooking workshops focused on that subject.

In 2013, the association organized 13 cooking workshops for young workers and children ages 9 to 11 in Nanterre, located in the Île-de-France administrative department. The idea is simple: participants learn to cook and reuse scraps and discover tips and tricks for making food keep longer. At the end of the workshop, participants share a meal and receive a book of recipes to make again at home.

A few tips for using scraps:

  • If some of your salad greens have wilted, save them to put into your next soup to make it richer in texture.
  • Pour boiling water over wrinkled apples (or plunge them into boiling water for a moment), and they will lose their wrinkles!