No More Excuses for Not Cooking Vegetables!


Though the amount of time we spend on food has gone down over the years, we still have time to cook and eat meals. With a little organization, we can make vegetables in no time at all!

Do fresh vegetables take too long to prepare?

Between washing, peeling, and cooking, fresh vegetables can take up a lot of time. Why not use pre-washed, pre-peeled vegetables? When they are frozen (plain, without added salt), canned (plain or salted), or prepared (in savory crepes, stir fries, casseroles, or more), vegetables are ready to eat almost immediately! More and more ready-to-use vegetables are becoming available. Often, all you need to do is heat them and add a little personal touch–a pinch of turmeric, some chives, a dash of olive oil, or whatever else you like. And voilà, your dish is ready! Since vegetables are prepared and packaged in the hours after they are harvested, they still have all of their micronutrients.

With a little imagination, it’s even easier!

Don’t think that there is nothing left for you to do! You can use your imagination to combine plates, seasonings, and flavors to create diverse options. Add a little fresh cream and a pinch of cumin to your frozen carrot puree; add a dash of olive oil and a few leaves of basil to the tomato sauce that comes with your pasta dish; add some minced onion and parsley to your canned mushrooms to make a side dish for your meal with beef.

How can I save more time?

With just minimal organization, you can make cooking vegetables enjoyable. First, prepare all the tools and utensils you need as well as your ingredients. Is the water boiling, the oven pre-heating, or the frying pan heating up? Then peel your vegetables right now while you wait! You can also choose rapid cooking methods: wrap them in foil in the oven, or use a microwave, wok, frying pan, or pressure cooker. While the vegetables are cooking, you can work on the other aspects of the dish (like marinades, sauces, or vinaigrettes). Every minute counts!

You can find a picture of each vegetable along with cooking time and other tips for easy preparation in our vegetable gallery.

Source: Le temps de l’Alimentation en France [Time Spent on Food in France], a 2009-2010 survey about time management from INSEE.