Plant-based food: more accessible than ever


People are more and more engaged in working for a more sustainable world! This goes hand in hand with a growing interest in plant-based diets: a myriad of projects aims to improve the accessibility of plant-based food. This is also the main objective of the calls for projects organised by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation in collaboration with Ulule. Hands up for 6 societal projects working for people and the planet! Let’s look back at the 4 #LetsVeggUp calls for projects in 2022.

Like every year, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation launched 4 calls for projects in 2022, in collaboration with Ulule. The result: greater project visibility, commitment and funding. Thanks to the Foundation Award and the Audience Prize, 8 projects came out as winners, in France, Italy, the United States and soon in Spain. Let’s find out more about them!

Did you know? For 18 years, the Louus Bounduelle Foundation has supported
actions on the ground, with two main objectives:

  • To support and accompany projects that act to promote greater access to plant-based food.
  • To support and accompany the food transition towards a more sustainable diet.

Plant-based food for all ages

It’s best to take care of your health from the youngest age, even before conception through the mother’s health. The same is true for the planet: you can never start too soon! Here are four projects that raise awareness among children and adults in France and Italy: OuiChange, En Vert et Avec Tous, Orto di Casa and Plant Raised R-evolution.

Accompanying 1 million pupils in their ecological transition before 2030” is the ambitious goal of OuiChange, winner of the Foundation Award from the call for projects in France. OuiChange is an educational programme based in Lille. In December 2022, they have been able to support and involve more than 8,700 pupils in their journey towards the ecological transition.

En Vert et Avec Tous are the winners of the Audience Prize, with their project for an educational farm in the heart of the Abbaye district of Grenoble. They have created a space for all citizens to promote respect for seasonality and biodiversity, the transmission of skills and social inclusion. The project aims to make people think about environmental issues and to help everyone take a step towards a sustainable way of life.

What if the quest for greener plates began by planting a vegetable garden? For the project Adotta un orto, Orto di Casa in Italy, the vegetable garden is the gateway to improved awareness about healthy eating. Orto di Casa, winner of the Foundation’s Award, teaches you how to grow a vegetable garden in Rome, whether on a city balcony or in the countryside.


The Audience Prize in Italy was won by the Plant Raised R-evolution project, a “street” event to raise awareness about plant-based food.

Working together as a family!

Help for families to grow and cook: this is what Food Moxie offers with its project that won the Louis Bonduelle Foundation Award in the United States. Food Moxie has developed a culinary education programme at a shelter for homeless families in Philadelphia. Their aim is to inspire families to grow, prepare and eat healthy food.

The Audience Prize went to More Than Apples, which provides food distribution for families in need, redistributing food to help families while cutting down on food waste.

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