A Whole New Book on Pulses

pulses-légumes secs-livre-fondation-bonduelle

This book released in September 2014 shows pulses under a different light than ever before, and their culinary assets unfold in a collection of 70 easy and delicious recipes.

An exceptional written work by several authors

As the pillars of sustainable agriculture and modern diet, pulses are sure to delight everyone! They are varied, colorful, nourishing, rich in fibers and proteins, and great value for money.

The book “Savez-vous goûter les légumes secs” (lit. “Do you know how to taste pulses”) offers 70 delicious, easy-to-make recipes that are ideal for low budget cooking. Step by step, these recipes go from the simplest to the most elaborate dishes in order for you to prepare a meal in minutes or rediscover great classics of popular traditions.

The healthy and varied cuisine described gives readers the opportunity to get creative and compose their own versions of generic dishes that adapt to all pulses, including ready-to-use (in cans, jars, or frozen).

A multidisciplinary team of people (a chef, a physician, a historian, a dietitian, and a photographer) combined their expertise to reveal to us the secrets of these underestimated vegetables: their stories, their astonishing culinary potential, and their outstanding nutritional advantages. This book is a new take on a type of food that forms an essential part of today and tomorrow’s diet.

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