Heavenly holiday dining packed with pulses!


As the year 2016, chosen as the International Year of Pulses by FAO, draws to a close, we bring you some scrumptious ideas to give peas, lentils, broad beans, kidney beans and other vegetables grown in Canada pride of place on your holiday menus.

At happy hour, snacks can include pulses:

  • an original and colourful red lentil hummus with lemon and coriander;
  • lightly salted Japanese style edamame bean pods to nibble on.

As a festive appetizer or when coming home after outdoor activities in the snow, nothing hits the spot like a local or exotic flavoured soup:

  • beets, brown lentils and apples with cumin;
  • yellow or green peas with carrots and orange;
  • butternut squash and red lentils with ginger.

For vegetarian(ish) brunches:

  • red kidney beans, black and mungo beans cooked with spices, tomatoes and peppers accompanied with rice or quinoa;
  • chickpeas in a couscous recipe with root vegetables (parsnips, sweet potatoes, squash, rutabaga, turnips);
  • multicoloured pulse salads with cabbage, endives and cranberries.

For the sweet touch, tantalize your guests’ taste buds with black bean brownies.

Happy “Pulse” Holidays!