Caesars kitchen: taste workshops around fruits and vegetables

Children from primary school (CM1 & CM2) from the area of Nevers (France) take part to taste workshops, thanks to the association: SYMO – Cuisine des Césars.

Amongst the 11 workshops offered (5 senses, spice and herbs, from cereals to bread, chocolate…), one of them focuses on fruits and vegetables, the objective being for children to learn about fruits and vegetables to enjoy them to eat them.

Each workshop is made of two part: a theoretical one animated by a nutritionist (food origin, nutritional values, food families, benefits and disadvantages on health, learn to read food labels on packaging, food hygiene…). A practical part more fun, with cooking sessions, food manipulations and tasting; and for instance an activity where one has to taste the difference between a raw slice of courgette and a raw slice of cucumber to learn about taste and nutritional values.

The association’s ambition is to ensure that children become future informed consumers, able to make informed choices, able to read food labels, choose their diet and promote best practices around them, because it is a health public issue!

This project was supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation as part of the 2016 call for proposals