Vegetable garden: growing radish

There are various types of radish:

  • “Forced” radishes: the seeds are broadcasted as early as February.
  • Radishes of “every months”: sown outdoors from May until the end of the summer.
  • Spring and autumn radishes: sown outdoors during the summer.

Radishes need to be grown steadily and harvested young to ensure they remain succulent, otherwise they can become woody and inedible.
A regular watering is key to proper development of the radish.

Radish is little affected by diseases as it grows very fast. Attacks by flea beetle cause lots of tiny holes in the leaves. Subsequently this pest causes a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter. To address the problem, spray some water on the leaves as the flea beetle does not like water. Radish is a vegetable but also a root.