Vegetable garden: growing red beans

Red bean enjoys light, rich, deep, aerated and well-drained soils as well as warm and temperate climate.
Seedlings take place between end of April and beginning of August. Crescent moon shape seedlings are the most adequate for the cultivation of red beans. Harvesting starts beginning of August up to October.

Red beans are affected by a lot of diseases such as damping off, crown rot (a fungus that causes the appearance of yellowish spots on different parts of the plant) and anthracnose (a fungus that causes the appearance of elongated or round spots on the leaves) and pests (leaf miners, beetles, caterpillars that degrade leaves and pods). Subsequently these diseases cause a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter.
It is a vegetable that is grown in warm climates. Red bean is a vegetable but also a seed.