Vegetable garden: growing tomato

For optimal growth temperature should not be lower than 15°C. Seedlings take place outdoors or in greenhouse according to the climate. Seedlings in greenhouse take place between March and May and when the plants have 6-7 leaves, they should be transplanted outdoors. Outdoors seedlings start mid-May. Harvesting takes place around mi-August up to the end of autumn depending on the climate. There are several varieties of tomatoes: red tomatoes, yellow or even orange tomatoes. Harvesting can start once a nice firm red tomato (red, orange, or yellow according to the variety) has sprout.

As with many vegetables, tomatoes can be affected by pests such as the aphids and the white fly (both insects suck the sap from leaves causing dieback of the leaf) and diseases including mildew (a fungus that causes the appearance of brown spots on the leaves), powdery mildew (a fungus that causes the appearance of white spots on the leaves) and early blight (a fungus that causes appearance of black spots on the leaves). Subsequently these diseases and pests cause a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter. Tomato is a vegetable but also a fruit.