2019 CONFERENCE: 5 reasons to sign up now!


Registration for the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s 2019 Conference is officially open. We will welcome you in Brussels on 3 December to discuss the nutritional transition of food systems around the world, and the importance of moving towards a more plant-based diet.

Sustainability, climate challenges, demographic, economic and cultural changes… how to find the right balance in our future plates? High-level experts will discuss how to turn our knowledge into concrete action plans. Want to know more? Here are 5 reasons why this is a must-go-to event!

Reason no. 1: gain a better understanding of the current context and challenges

Every human being has a right to adequate food. However, the gradual achievement of this right requires more sustainable food systems, which help to make food choices that are better for both our health and the environment, and more sound in terms of sustainable development. These choices should ensure food security and nutrition for all, including vulnerable and marginalised populations (such as the poor, migrants and certain indigenous peoples), who, to a greater extent, dependent on factors beyond their control for their food.

Our current food systems have a significant impact on human health and the state of the planet. They shape producers’ decisions and consumers’ food choices. However, the Foundation’s 2019 Conference aims to show that human decisions and choices (both individual and collective) can also influence food systems and strengthen their ability to provide healthy and sustainable food.


Reason no.2: get an overview of international recommendations

During the 2017 Montreal Conference on food cultures, we already discussed the evolution of food cultures and their impact on the development of new food recommendations in Canada, Brazil and France. Two years on, these recommendations are on track, and although there are no standardised recommendations at a European level, EU member states are following suit. The latest country to do so is Belgium, with the publication of its “Épi Alimentaire” recommendations.

In addition, early 2019, an international commission of experts, the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health, published its definition of a healthy and sustainable diet on a global scale, as well as the resulting recommendations. Our experts will take a step back to analyse these recommendations, in particular looking at how consumer behaviours compare with the recommendations.


Reason no.3: learn everything about plant-based food consumption around the world!

This year, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s scientific team will offer a unique overview of plant-based food consumption levels in Europe (notably in France and Russia) and North America. The new monograph also analyses the factors influencing plant-based food in the Western world today, and examines how the contents of our plates will change in the future. The document will be available on the day of the 2019 Conference.


Reason no.4: discover our new activities in the field

Since 2012, the Bonduelle Group has been transforming its agro-industrial model to become the global benchmark for ensuring good living through plant-based food. Its field of action has since extended beyond vegetables, to the full range of plant-based foods. This desire also drives the Louis Bonduelle Foundation, whose activities now go far beyond vegetables. In this context, we encourage innovative research on nutritional education and develop field initiatives based on a participatory approach and impact measures. Come and discover the winners and the new activities!


Find out more about our field initiatives?


Reason no.5: gain access to a knowledge database

The Foundation’s 2019 Conference is a unique opportunity for exchange and sharing of knowledge among anyone involved in changing eating habits. After the event – and all year round – numerous videos of expert testimonies, thematic articles and educational documents (monographs, infographics, white papers, etc.) on this theme, will be available online. So stay connected!


What are you waiting for to register for the 2019 Conference?

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Square Brussels Mont des Arts/Kunstberg – 1000 Brussels – Belgium

3 December 2019, from 8.30am to 12.30pm followed by a Healthy Walking Dinner r

Plants in food systems and sustainability: a balancing act

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    • Marie-Josèphe Amiot-Carlin, Inra, Moisa Research team, Montpellier
    • Christophe Bonduelle, President of the Louis Bonduelle Foundation
    • Armando Perez Cueto, Dept of Food Science, Copenhagen University
    • Benjamin Allès, Dept of Nutritional epidemiology, Paris XIII University
    • Wim de Vries, Dept of Environmental Sciences, Wageningen University
    • Jacynthe Lafrenière, INAF, Laval University, Quebec – Winner of the 2017 Louis Bonduelle Research Award

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