Latest update on the nutrition transition #3


Each month, we give you an overview of the news around the food and environmental transition. You will find information, inspiration and testimonials, to accompany you in the awareness and knowledge of a world in full transformation.

How much does our food really cost?


IPES (the International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems) is a group of experts working to build knowledge around sustainable food.

One of the recurring questions when we talk about a new, more sustainable food system is the notion of accessibility. But do we really know how much our food costs? In order to understand the real value of food, an IPES video tries to explain the real and hidden costs of a more sustainable food system

ADEME on the food of tomorrow


The debate around our food system has accelerated in recent months with the COVID crisis: locality, organic, transformation, quality, diversification… A revolution is underway but how can we support it and ensure its sustainability? 

In France, ADEME, the French Agency for Ecological Transition, has dedicated an issue of its magazine to the food of tomorrow, highlighting the country’s most encouraging initiatives.

Nearly 20% of available food is wasted


At the beginning of March, the UN released its annual report on food waste, denouncing the quantities of food still being wasted in the world, a crucial factor in the transformation of our food system. Nearly 20% of the food available in the world today goes to waste.

Indeed, the reduction of food waste in the world would offer multiple benefits for both our health and our planet, opportunities that public policies are failing to grasp.

In order to help countries meet the Sustainable Development Goal target 12.3 of halving food waste by 2050, this report proposes a methodology to track food waste at different levels. 

Some cool initiatives

The Tipi: a living, ecological and fertile place

First discovered during the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s latest call for projectsthe Tipi is a project run by “Les jeunes pousses”. This initiative in Avignon aims to accelerate the ecological transition.

To do this, the Tipi has set up an urban farm and a canteen, and is planning several events. The idea was rewarded by the public during the Pitch for the Foundation’s call for projects, garnering 450 votes. Thanks to all your votes, the “jeunes pousses” team will soon conduct a crowdfunding campaign on Ulule, boosted by an additional €500.

The Carrefour Foundation: 20 years of solidarity to fight food insecurity

In its 20 years of operations, the Carrefour Foundation has supported nearly a thousand projects to improve access to food, and has worked to accelerate the food transition.

If you have a project that strives to improve access to plant-based food in France, apply now to the Foundation’s call for projects. The deadline for applications is 12 April.

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