Epicurium Showcases Pulses

Epicurium, the European museum dedicated to fruits and vegetables in Avignon, France, is launching a temporary exhibit that aims to highlight the important role pulses play in feeding the planet in the 21st century, called “Prenez-en de la graine ! Les légumes secs, du jardin à l’assiette” (”Learn something about pulses, from garden to table”).

Epicurium: a unique site focused on plants

Epicurium is a museum entirely dedicated to plants, from seed to table. This vibrant place invites visitors to discover plants through the senses, culture, and fun. The museum visit, aimed at children as well as adults, includes a permanent exhibit, a temporary exhibit on pulses, and gardens (vegetable garden, orchard, and beehives) and also offers educational workshops, all on a site that spans more than two acres.

The pulses exhibit

The exhibit includes over 100 different seasonal pulse varieties throughout the year. With support from Louis Bonduelle Foundation, the Epicurium project is part of the International Year of Pulses. Pulses contain necessary proteins for our bodies, and eating them is much less costly than eating animal proteins, both from an economic and an environmental standpoint.

On the plate for 2016

April 30 and May 1

Spring Festival: a big festive weekend with a spotlight on fava beans and peas.

June 5 and 6

Meet in the Gardens for themed guided tours of the exhibit and the gardens.

September 25 and 26

Autumn Festival, a second festive weekend during which beans, chickpeas, and lentils will take the place of honor.

October 15 to 21

for Taste Week, a schedule of culinary workshops dedicated to pulses in all their

shapes and forms.