120 children discover the world of vegetables thanks to puppets


The association from Dijon (France), ÉVEIL O GOÛT (Taste Discovery) develops and runs educational sensory sessions for children aged from 3 to 7 years old.

Through various and diverse workshops focus on the 5 senses and on the joy of food: the frog apple (5 senses), Mr Vegetable (touch and sight), the Soup Festival (5 senses), the Concert of Vegetables (hearing), Nose filled with smells (smells). The children are accompanied by 2 facilitators expert in taste and by 2 heroes: Clémentine, the gardener and Tartarin, the wacky Chef.

The objective of this project, called the puppets of taste, is the creation and implementation of a pedagogical tool and a sensory education programme focusing on taste to encourage young children to try a variety of different foods, to perceive vegetables as tasty and sensorial using the imagination (screenplays with puppets) and activities such as ” Get Your Hands Dirty” (culinary creations). After each session, small informative cards are handed out to encourage children to taste the food. The organisation also provides practical advices to parents so they encourage their children to taste the food products.


This project was supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation during its 2014/2015 winter call for proposals.