“Manger vers le futur”, a social science fiction Instagram comic strip, is finally online!


The ANCA Chair’s project, which got the push it needed after a crowdfunding campaign, is finally online! Since 1 June 2018, the online comic strip has been raising people’s awareness about the food challenges we will need to solve in the future by posting a daily instalment to Instagram for 30 days. Go check it out, minus the filters, at @mangerverslefutur!

About the “Manger vers le futur” project

“How will we able to feed a global population of 9 billion people in 2050? What will we eat in the future? Should we limit our consumption of animal products?”. People have been asking themselves questions about the future of food for quite some time. That is why the ANCA Chair decided to offer an answer to these and many other questions, with an online comic strip that is posted to Instagram daily. The story is based on a hypothetical scenario about how our ideas about food and our food practices might change between 2018 and 2050. We follow four young graduates, called Ana, Raman, Edgar and Ines, who have promised to meet at least once a year after their graduation over a meal. The story follows them over a 30-year period, as they cope with personal, relationship and food changes against the backdrop of a society and world that are constantly in flux as a result of climate change, major political decisions, the emergence of new technology and consumer habits. Every day, a new episode discusses one of the many aspects of these interesting themes.

Why Instagram?

The new distribution channels, more specifically social media networks, offer plenty of unique storytelling opportunities. Instagram was a natural choice for the creators, because it is so widely used by the comic strip’s target audience, i.e., the generation of the Millennials (20 to 35-year olds). As they become adults and have their first children, their eating habits change as they start to think more about what they eat. As a result, this age group as a whole is most receptive to information on these topics.
“Manger vers le futur” wants to raise people’s awareness, encouraging its readers to think about this issue and discuss it, without moralising or stigmatising conclusions. You must ask yourself questions about your own consumer habits and refer to credible sources for information if you want to change the world. The content was developed by the ANCA Chair, together with food experts, including sociologists, economists and nutritionists, to create a comic strip that is both scientifically credible and reliable!

What is the ANCA Chair?

The ANCA (Aliment Nutrition Comportement Alimentaire/Food Nutrition Eating Behaviour) Chair was jointly established with AgroParisTech and aims to raise widespread awareness about sustainable and healthy food. Over the past seven years, the ANCA Chair, in collaboration with scientific and creative experts, has developed several innovative and fun programmes to inform consumers about the food challenges we face in the future.

Click here to find out more about the ANCA Chair’s project, supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation.