How to get children to eat more vegetables

You can get children to eat more vegetables. But you need the right actions, that are suited to the target audience, and they need to be carried out properly! Through its new monograph, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation unveils the keys to the best ways of achieving it.

This monograph wants to suggest ideas, wants to be a guide for developing effective, sustainable actions aimed at increasing the consumption of vegetables by children.
It offers ideas and explains how to implement them and break down the expected results into different types of actions. These were all obtained from 17 international scientific studies, which measured their impact and which constitute the reference corpus for this monograph.

Recommendations are given for each action, to optimise the results and increase vegetable consumption, depending on the context (the age of the children, the duration of the action, etc.), the variable to be measured (increase in vegetable consumption, and also attitude, familiarity, etc.), and whether the actions are sensory (gardening, cooking, food tasting) or cognitive (nutrition education, games, reading, etc.), or both. Finally, the key general criteria for success of the best results are identified and set out.