Vegetable garden: growing lettuce

Planting periods, done in rows, vary according to the season:

  • Spring lettuces: either sown in February indoors or in nursery from April, with a harvest from April to June.Summer and autumn lettuces: sown from March to August outdoors with a harvest from June to October.
  • Winter lettuces: sown in August-September covered in winter for a harvest in February-March.

Regular watering is key to a smooth salad development. Harvesting takes place once the heart of the lettuce has reached a good size (the size of a handball ball).

The plant can be affected by diseases such as botrytis lettuce (a fungus that will cause rot color grey leaves) or the sclerotinia lettuce (a fungus that will cause the appearance of white rot on the leaves). Subsequently these diseases cause a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter. Lettuce is a vegetable but also a leaf.