Come and see the Museum of fruits and vegetables!

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Founded in 2010 near Avignon, Epicurium is a unique venue in Europe where people can explore fruits and vegetables in all their forms through a fun and cultural approach!
The museum invites visitors to discover the sensory, scientific and cultural dimensions of fruits and vegetables, from seed to plate. On the agenda: exploring the diversity, origin, and cultivation methods of fruits and vegetables; as well as exhibitions, screenings, workshops, and even tasting…
At Epicurium, children and adults can see an exhibition on fruits and vegetables, a nature trail showcasing an orchard, a vegetable garden and a greenhouse; as well as a yearly programme featuring cooking and gardening workshops.
There is also a section where visitors can learn about the industrial processes used for processing fruits and vegetables as well as techniques to preserve their nutritional qualities. This section was funded by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation as part of its winter 2007-2008 call for projects.
This project was put in place at the initiative of PEIFL (Pôle Européen d’Innovation Fruits et Légumes or European Fruits and Vegetables Cluster), and follows one of its objectives which is to contribute to improving public health by increasing fruit and vegetable consumption.
Epicurium is located at the Cité de l’Alimentation, rue Pierre Bayle in Montfavet (Avignon).