The exhibition "Croc'Expo" about fruits and vegetables in Cité Nature (Arras) is extended


Croc'Expo is a unique and never-before-seen, fruits and vegetables exhibition in France. It is intended for children three to twelve years of age and occupies a total surface area of 800 m² in the Cité Nature (located in Arras - North of France). Its purpose is to educate the public about issues related to the environment, food, and health.

Both playful and educational, the exhibition is composed of games, interactive activities, maps, and puzzles. It offers
fun learning activities in a remarkable, dynamic setting composed of five specially designed spaces:

The vegetable garden: A plot of land shown in cross section allows visitors to see what happens underground, at the surface soil level, and at plant level.

The container: Visitors have the opportunity to enter a real container and discover fruits and vegetables from
elsewhere: many are imported from distant countries. The container symbolizes the long journey that much of our
food undergoes before it reaches the market stalls.

The market: Here, visitors can play shopkeeper! After the produce has been grown and transported, it is made
available for purchase. This space is arranged to look like a fresh produce stall. Children will discover a large variety
of fruits and vegetables, their colors, their shapes, and so on.

The kitchen: Visitors can hold mock dinner parties, search among the cupboards, and discover various cooking
techniques. They will also learn about different storage methods, the ways in which our five senses contribute to the
pleasure of eating, the ways in which green waste can be used, and how different fruits and vegetables are eaten.

In the last space, entry is via a giant mouth! Visitors will learn about the digestive organs and discover how plant
nutrients (vitamins, fibers, etc.) contribute to good health.

Croc’Expo has one major goal: to ensure that everyone, both young and old, leaves with the desire to grow their
own fruits and vegetables and taste new ones—not just for health reasons but, above all, for their own pleasure!
The exhibition answers many questions that are often raised by children and the adults who accompany them:

  • How do fruits and vegetables grow?
  • Where do they come from?
  • How are they cultivated?
  • Where are they sold?
  • What’s the difference between organic and conventional produce?
  • What does ‘5 fruits and vegetables a day’ really mean?

The exhibition was so successful that it was awarded the Diderot Prize by Amcsti (the Association of Museums and Centers for the Development of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture). Croc’Expo caught the jury’s attention for its original scenic design, its well-rounded approach, and its craftsmanship. The work of the entire team was thus recognized. This is the first national award ever received by the Cité Nature in Arras. The Diderot 2018 awards ceremony took place on Monday, October 15 at the Théâtre de la Reine Blanche in Paris.

The CROC’EXPO temporary exhibition is extended until January 6, 2019.

It is a must-see event to share with your children!

This project was supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation during its ‘Summer 2016’ call for projects.