A sustainable change in eating behaviours


Our mission is to sustainably change eating behaviours while safeguarding people and the planet. This mission includes educational initiatives and support for numerous activities in the field. What exactly does it entail? Follow the guide!

Actions in the field

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation supports local projects from Mali to France, Ecuador and Canada. Their focus ranges from ensuring an adequate food supply to vulnerable populations, to promoting education and awareness about balanced diets and the consumption of fruit and vegetables. Such calls for projects support many initiatives that use recreational, original and innovative approaches to address a variety of dietary issues.

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Preventing malnutrition among the elderly

To address certain important topics, the Foundation allows experts to speak on its behalf. For example, Ysabelle Levasseur, dietitian and nutritionist, shares her experience on how to enjoy healthy eating as we grow older and thus reduce the risks of malnutrition. The ageing population represents an important nutritional challenge. Many studies have shown that the regular and daily consumption of vegetables helps us to keep good health and a better quality of life. The Louis Bonduelle Foundation has dedicated a monograph to health in the elderly and provides many tips on dietary practices for ageing better.

Curtailing the development of childhood obesity and overweight

Overweight and obesity are major risk factors for contracting certain chronic conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders or even certain cancers2. Knowledge sharing is an urgent priority to improve levels of prevention, care and the dissemination of the latest information. It is particularly important with regards to children, amongst whom the phenomenon has increased exponentially.

Since 2009, the ECOG (European Childhood Obesity Group) and the Louis Bonduelle Foundation have worked together to combat childhood obesity. The finest example of their collective expertise is the publishing of an e-book, aimed at whoever is looking for a reliable and updated source of information on this particular topic.

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In-depth and inside look at dietary models

Healthy eating means meeting both the quantity and quality requirements for our physiological needs. To help populations do so, governments issue dietary guidelines according to nutritional status, food availability and their country’s culture, so as to generate broad acceptance and ensure effectiveness.

The Foundation has compiled its knowledge on the topic into a monograph, which examines the challenge of identifying and implementing methodologies in order to create simple messages and effective tools that take cultural differences into account. The publication, Development of food-based dietary guidelines: Food models and cultures, reviews the origins of dietary guidelines throughout history and the world, and demonstrates the relationship between nutrition and culture.

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A “planetary health diet” to reduce mortality and morbidity rates

The EAT-Lancet Commission’s report provides a similar interpretation of the current situation: we will be able to optimize human health and safeguard our planet through major dietary changes. A win-win for all that is only possible through a transition towards an essentially plant-based diet, which contains less animal-based foods, and which the commission has designated as a “planetary health diet”.

Poor dietary habits are responsible for increased risks in developing preventable diseases linked to diet, such as diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. According to scientists, 11 million deaths per year, or 19 to 24% of the total adult mortality rate, could be prevented by adopting such a diet.

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