Latest update on the nutrition transition #5

Each month, we give you an overview of the news around the food and environmental transition. You will find information, inspiration and testimonials, to accompany you in the awareness and knowledge of a world in full transformation.

Anticipating new food systems: the IPES report

The International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems (IPES-Food) is a group of experts working to build knowledge around sustainable food.

Food systems play a major role in preserving our health and that of the planet. In the coming years, we need to carefully re-design them in order to feed the world’ population while also preserving nature.

To help us better understand impacts and solutions, IPES has mapped out two very different scenarios. One shows what we can expect in the coming years if we do not change our current production techniques and consumption patterns, while the other proposes a model that civil society and social movements have appropriated and developed.

A free overview of the report is available in English and in French.

a long food movement

Symposium: Being Together – Food as a Social Bond

Held in February, the Being Together – Food as a Social Bond symposium is a project set forth by the Unesco Chair in World Food Systems and the Daniel and Nina Carrasso Foundation.

The symposium focused on social bonds as they relate to food: How did the sharing of meals develop throughout history? What changes have our digital habits brought about? How can we create bonds with the most vulnerable? What is the future of restaurants as places that bring communities together? What about intergenerational relationships? What does contemporary art tell us about our food habits? Watch the conference here!

To learn more, read op-ed in Le Monde the by Mathilde Douillet and Guilhem Soutou

Teaching everyone how to grow their own food.

This is what the Garden Farm Foundation in Nevada aims to do. After ten years of operations, the foundation has become a leader in urban farming. Its goal is to continually empower people and children to grow their own food, while addressing the increasing need for food in southwestern Nevada desert.