Vegetable garden: growing garden peas

Seedlings take place in March-April, in rows or pocket. Harvesting takes place 3 months after planting (between May and August).
Regarding watering, before flowering, peas should be watered very little while after flowering regular watering is necessary for the proper development of the seeds.

Peas may be attacked by pests such as: the aphids (suck the sap from leaves), leaf weevil (an insect that degrades the seedlings), bud worm peas and pea weevil (two insects that come to eat the beans in the pods). They can also be affected by diseases such as: anthracnose (a fungus that causes the appearance of elongated or round spots on the leaves), mildew (a fungus that causes the appearance of brown spots on the leaves) or powdery mildew (a fungus which causes the appearance of white spots on the leaves). Subsequently these diseases cause a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter. Pea is a vegetable but also a seed.