Our story

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation was created in 2004. Since the beginning, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has supported the development of knowledge about diet and has worked to spread and implement that knowledge.

Today, the Foundation has a presence in France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Spain, and Russia.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation was created by the Bonduelle Group. As a vegetable specialist, the Group has a rightful and particular place to take in food-related challenges to develop a long-term, positive interaction with society.

Our belief

The future of food involves putting into place culturally acceptable food systems while preserving the environment, which contributes to food security as well as to the health of current and future generations.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation is interested in food during all its phases:

  • Before the act of eating: since the quality of our food is directly associated with our management of agricultural resources and their economy, we take an interest in agronomy, agriculture, the physiology of plants, and the rural economy.
  • During the act of eating: since the factors that determine our behaviors are influenced by culture, biological factors, different times of life, and experience, we take an interest in sociology, the psychology of the eater, social marketing, epidemiology, and the social economy.
  • After the act of eating: since our food has a daily impact on our health, we take an interest in nutrition, human physiology, biology, and medicine.

Our commitments

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation acts on an international level, concretely providing the means to bring plant-based food into people’s daily life, in a useful, realistic, and original way. The goal of the Foundation is to go further than simply expressing a general intention, acting every day to help consumers move from theory to practice. The Foundation bases its initiatives on the expertise of renowned scientists and commits to acting responsibly by measuring the impact of such initiatives on the evolution of dietary practices and lifestyles, as well as their effectiveness.

Our initiatives

Our initiatives are organized around three, overlapping focuses:

  • Informing and raising awareness:
    The Foundation produces and spreads information to help change everyday behaviors. The information is accessible to a wide audience in an interactive format, especially via this website.
  • Supporting research:
    The Foundation encourages scientific research in several disciplines, including medicine, nutrition, sociology, and agronomy, to advance knowledge in the field of sustainable food.
  • Acting in the field:
    The Foundation supports concrete field initiatives led locally, with the goal of helping eaters move toward more sustainable dietary behaviors.

Our board of directors

The board is comprised of eight members appointed by the founder.
 Two independent members are selected based on their qualifications in the Louis Bonduelle Foundation’s areas of action:

  • Marie-Laure Frelut, Pediatrician and member of the European Childhood Obesity Group (ECOG),
  • Béatrice de Reynal, Nutritionist,

4 Bonduelle Group representatives:

  • Gianfranco d’Amico, Director of Bonduelle Italy,
  • Christophe Bonduelle, Chairman,
  • Jean-Bernard Bonduelle, Member of the Board of Directors for Bonduelle,
  • Anne-Sophie Fontaine, Director of Communications and CSR,

Discover the field activities supported

by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation:

Its partners, commitments, and concrete field initiatives to sustainably change dietary behaviors.