2022 call for proposals: let’s vegg’up!

Let’s work together to transform tomorrow’s food

Since 2004, the Louis Bonduelle Foundation has backed actions on the ground, while also providing support through scientific knowledge and awareness-raising initiatives. Carried out in nearly 12 countries across the world, their actions aim to improve access to all forms of plant-based foods.

This year, striving to go further and to address the specific needs of local communities, the Foundation is joining forces with Ulule to organise four original calls for proposals in Europe and America, in order to encourage and support those who promote access to plant-based foods and who are actively involved in the food transition.

Why Ulule?

With more than 30,000 projects backed by its teams since it started, Ulule is a participatory incubator that supports new trends, new usages and new eco-friendly production modes. Ulule establishes partnerships with companies that actively strive to play a positive role in society and fosters nurturing relationship with those they support.

For the past 10 years, Ulule has been a B Corp company that drives a rich and committed ecosystem: 70,000 designers of social impact projects, 3 million citizens, companies and influencers who respectively provide support, commitment and visibility.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Ulule partnership is consistent with a vision to act and provide social impact, and is based on three main objectives:

  • To encourage plant-based food that is increasingly natural, accessible and better for people’s well-being and health
  • To foster a transition to sustainable food practices and improve the life of local communities
  • To participate in responsible capitalism by joining a movement of companies and stakeholders who work together towards a positive impact

How can I participate in the call for proposals?

Does your project help to improve access to plant-based food and bring about lasting changes in eating habits? Submit your application for the ‘Pitch Pitch Live’ event in your country for an opportunity to showcase your project to a wider audience.

Your application will then be examined by the Ulule and Louis Bonduelle Foundation teams. If your project is approved, the Ulule team will help you to prepare and launch your fundraising campaign.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation and Ulule are organising a series of four live "pitch pitch"
sessions for selected candidates in France, Italy, the United States and Spain, based on the
calendar defined below:

  • France (applications open) Apply now!
  • Italy: (applications open from February to end of March 2024) Apply now!
  • United States: (applications open from February to end of March 2024) Apply now!
  • Spain: (applications open from February to end of March 2024) Apply now!


Pitch winners will be able to kick off their fundraising campaign with a financial boost from the Louis Bonduelle Foundation.

Any questions? All practical information regarding applications is available on the link below. You can also use the contact form or go to our Facebook page to send us questions directly.