Omelette with cardoons



Serves: 3
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 20 min
Cooking time: 15 min

500 g cardoons (tinned, from a jar or fresh).
10 g butter
6 whole eggs
1 tbsp flour
Salt, pepper

To peel the cardoons, remove the leaves, spines and stringy parts. Rub with a cloth to remove the fine layer of down they are covered with. Cut into 5 or 10 cm sticks, adding them to a bowl of acidulated water as you go to avoid discolouration.
Cook in boiling, salted water with some added lemon juice.
Place the flour and a whole egg in a mixing bowl. Beat until you have a smooth batter. Then add the eggs one at a time to avoid curdling. Season with salt and pepper and add the cardoons, mixing gently.
Heat the butter in a large frying pan and pour in the mixture. Leave to cook for a few minutes. As soon as the omelette starts to solidify, turn it over and cook the other side for 2 or 3 minutes until golden brown. Serve piping hot.

To turn the omelette over: take a large plate and place on top of the pan. Turn the whole thing over. Carefully slide the omelette back into the pan.