Grand Opening of a Therapeutic Kitchen in a Nursing Home


On Wednesday, 27 June 2012, the Avignon branch of the Comité des Blouses Roses (hospital volunteers association) opened a therapeutic kitchen in the Maison Paisible du Lavarin nursing home.

Residents of the nursing home may now enjoy various kinds of entertainment and workshops centred around this kitchen. These new activities aim to develop old hobbies and foster new ones. By promoting the involvement and participation of the elderly in a variety of suitable activities, their lives as well as those of the volunteers are enriched.

The proposed workshops aim to renew enjoyment (by stimulating the senses and breaking up the monotony for residents), develop memory (by emphasizing knowledge and focusing on already acquired skills), create social bonds (through conversation and mutual support among residents), and maintain independence (by encouraging residents to take the initiative and be autonomous).

The goal of the Comité des Blouses Roses is to help elderly residents to find a place to belong and to play a role rather than becoming isolated.

This project was supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation as part of its winter 2011-2012 appeal for projects focused on seniors.