Latest update on the nutrition transition #4

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Each month, we give you an overview of the news around the food and environmental transition. You will find information, inspiration and testimonials, to accompany you in the awareness and knowledge of a world in full transformation.

Boris Tavernier: an actor in the accessibility of sustainable food

On 20 April, Action Against Hunger warned that 170 million people – one in nine people in the world – “are falling into a situation of very serious food insecurity”.

Many people are joining in the fight against food insecurity, which affects countries in the North as well as the South. Among them is Boris Tavernier and his VRAC association (Vers un Réseau d’Achat en Commun – Towards a Common Purchasing Network), who are working to provide food that is sustainable and accessible, and thus reduce disparities in access.

Peas Please project: increasing the consumption of vegetables
by making them more attractive

The Peas Please project, launched 3 years ago in the UK, aims to make vegetables more attractive, accessible and affordable for everyone. To date, 80% of British retailers are engaged in major initiatives to help increase vegetable consumption in the UK. Since the launch of the project, 162 million extra portions of vegetables have been introduced into the food system across the United Kingdom.

These are the 5 main pillars of the project:

● Pleasure | Making our veg delicious whenever we eat it and connecting us to where
our veg comes from.
● Producers | Growing veg sustainably at all different scales.
● Prices | Offering prices that work for producers and consumers.
● Products | New ways of getting veg into what we buy and eat every day.
● Placement | More prominence in shops and on menus, more places to buy it in towns
and cities.

Have you heard of the Glasgow Declaration?

The Glasgow Declaration was issued on 14 December 2021 by IPES FOOD in advance of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow. The declaration calls for a radical reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions through the development of sustainable food systems. To date, 41 cities around the world have signed the declaration.

Educating food apprentices: a priority to accelerate the food transition

At a time when sustainable agriculture and food issues are increasingly important and central to our concerns, it is vital to educate future food ambassadors about these issues so that they become the first advocates of better eating.

To best respond to this need, the ANCA Chair, FFAS, AG2R LA MONDIALE and FERRANDI Paris have developed ‘LES TABLIERS ENGAGÉS’ (‘Committed Aprons’), a program working WITH and FOR apprentices in the catering trade.

A cool initiative

The ‘I FEED GOOD’ team goes out to meet actors of the food transition all over the world.

Their goals are to raise awareness of issues related to the food system, to promote solutions that will help change practices, and to support active projects.

See you next month!