Vegetable garden: growing carrot

Carrots are sown in rows between February and June, under shelter from February and in open ground as of April. It is necessary to thin them to optimal spacing, it is to say remove some of the young plants in order to provide some space for optimal growth of the roots. Harvesting start in June up to end of November according to the varieties (can be divided into early, main-crop, and storage varieties). A regular and light watering is key to a smooth plant development.

Carrot can be attacked by pests such as carrot fly (a small black-bodied fly whose larvae feed on the roots of carrots). The larvae tunnel into the developing carrots causing them to rot. Carrot is also attacked by early blight (appearance of black spots on the leaves). Subsequently these diseases cause a slower growth of the plant, which can even lead to the death of the latter. Carrot is a vegetable but also a root.