What Solutions Exist for Food Waste?

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By 2050, the Earth’s population will surpass 2.3 million. Experts are clear on the fact that increasing production will not be enough if food continues to be wasted at the current level. With a shared will to act, progress is possible.

Global food waste: 1.3 billion tons per year!

From agricultural production through final consumption, the total volume of food lost or wasted each year globally has reached 1.3 billion tons. That is the equivalent of more than half of world grain production. At the same time, the global population is growing fast! That is why we need to study techniques to implement all along the food supply chain, asking ourselves about the real needs of consumers. Progress is possible at each stage, and all people concerned should act to find solutions that aim to feed the growing population both more and better.

How can we limit food waste and loss?

The question of food loss and waste throughout the world has garnered significant attention. It is occurring on such a large scale that it should be considered as an integral part of our global food systems, associated with two challenges: ensuring enough high-quality food for all and limiting the environmental footprint of the system. Reducing food loss and waste today seems like a springboard toward making our diets sustainable and facing growing global demand. However, it is also a challenge for which all actors along the food supply chain are responsible.

The Louis Bonduelle Foundation offers an inventory of the current global food waste situation as well as a list of possible interventions at each link of the chain, showing that, with the commitment of all, we can meet this challenge.