Discovery workshops on fruits and vegetables and environmental awareness for 90 pupils from France and Italy


The objective of the Franco-Italian foundation ELIC  is to boost awareness, through educational workshops, of the diversity and variety of plant-based foods in addition to the nutritional characteristics of food, and to promote a varied and balanced diet among children and teenagers through the consumption of cereals, leguminous plants, fruit and vegetables.

papamundi-classe-enfants-analyse-au-microscopeThe foundation ELIC also proposes educational games such as the Pappamundi question and mime games and the Pappaduo card game which is a “Memory” game with the aim being to turn over and match 2 cards featuring the same fruit or vegetable. It’s an ideal game for improving your memory and for having fun while learning!

90 pupils from kindergarten and 3rd grade classes in Italy and France took part in the different workshops in small groups:

  1. The “Observing cereals and leguminous plants” workshop: Observation and recognition of cereals and leguminous plants from the world over including learning about their origins and analyzing the seeds and sprouted seeds under a microscope.
  2. The “Discovering vegetables, fruit and their vitamins” workshop: A workshop focusing on the shape and symmetry of fruit and vegetables in addition to observing and analyzing the quantity of water, mineral salt or vitamins in the different vegetables and fruit (carrots, fennel, beetroot, apple, strawberries, etc.)
  3. The workshop on “Making a healthy snack using oat flakes which the children mill themselves using a mill with yogurt, honey and almonds” and based on fresh fruit.
  4. Artistic workshop (drawings using cereal and legume seeds)
  5. The “juice extractor with tasting” workshop
  6. The “Pappaduo game (kindergarten) and Pappamundi games (third grade)” workshop

After each workshop, the children and teachers are given a free Pappaduo game.

Following these workshops, the children changed their eating habits somewhat, particularly at breakfast time. They are eating less cake, pastries and chocolate bars and have instead increased their consumption of dairy products (milk and cheese) and cereals.

These workshops have had a highly beneficial impact on the children but also on their teachers.

This project was supported by the Louis Bonduelle Foundation during its summer 2015 call for proposals.